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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Newry, Northern Ireland on 2003-07-12 19:45:00 - Black solid craft, hovering then taking off at immense speed

I was driving north on the main road between newry and armagh in ireland (ni) in july 2003. it was a lovely summer's evening, around 8pm, and was still bright. about 5 miles north of newry in the lissummon area i looked towards my right, roughly in the direction of the north east. over a couple of fields, less than a mile away, there was a small hill with some trees on it. about 20 meters above the trees, just hovering in the sky, was a black metal-like object about 20-30 meters long. i was looking towards its side profile so to me it seemed rectangular but it may have been a different shape if viewed from above or directly below. i wasn't sure what it was and quickly asked my friend who was with me in the car could she see it and she said yes. she later mentioned that there was a red light on the craft, though i only have a slight memory of the light (perhaps because i was driving). we had a good view with nothing behind it but a clear sky and only some small trees between us and the craft. i slowed down the car a bit and we looked at it for about 30 seconds. then suddenly it shot through the sky at lightning speed towards the north. it ascended at a slight angle and was gone from view in a second. we both were left dumbfounded. the object moved at a speed faster than anything that is seemingly possible by human technology and was completely unlike anything we had ever seen. i have thought about the sighting more over the last number of years, have corroborated the event with my friend and have finally made this report.

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Credit: MUFON

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