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Sunday, October 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on 2016-10-09 00:00:00 - Soldi, bright, orange lights, no green red or white lights, no strobe

I took my dog out at 12:26 a.M. on 10/09/2016 and noticed a bright orange light moving toward me from what looked like several miles to the north. even though it wasn't a typical white landing light, at first i thought it was a commercial flight coming into nashville international airport (bna) which is about one mile to my immediate west, on a usual north-south landing pattern. the orange light, however, did not follow a landing pattern toward the northern end of the bna runways. instead, it kept on a bit more of a southeasterly bearing coming more or less right over me. i still was not alarmed because sometimes small craft like single or double engine prop planes, or helicopters, will come over me from the north and hook west to make landings at the southern end of the bna runways. the orange light kept approaching and came in close overhead and a bit toward the west toward bna. what caught my attention was it had no starboard (green) or port (red) landing lights, no white light, and no blinking lights. also, it was silent. at the apparent brightness and speed it was traveling (like a fast moving helicopter) i should have been able to hear engine noise, but it was dead silent. then, it disappeared. it was like it switched off its bright orange light. it took a couple of seconds for it to go completely out, like the filament in the bulb was still hot, but then it went dead out. i thought, "man, i wish my wife merri had been out here with me to see that!" i let my dog back in but i stayed outside for a few minutes watching to the north. son of a gun, just about five minutes later, another orange light appeared in the north. this time, i ran in and woke up merri. she came out and we watched as the second orange light did the same thing as the first one, but this time, the light went out much sooner as it approached us heading south. merri went back in and said "holler if you see more." about five minutes later, here came another one out of the north! i got binoculars and zoomed in on this one. it seemed to be a single, bright orange light with no green or red or white lights, and no blinking lights, and no discernible shape or fuselage. this one went all the way over us, stayed on a bit longer, then finally quickly faded out. merri stayed outside with me this time. about five minutes later, here came three orange lights in from the north. they seemed to be in single file, much like you see when commercial flights approach from the north. but the one out front suddenly went out, leaving two. one of them hooked to the west far short of the northern end of bna's runways, then it went out. the remaining one seemed to continue its approach toward us like the single ones had done, but it went out much earlier than the first ones we saw. between 12:26 a.M. and about 1:40 a.M. there were about 14 flying orange lights observed - 6 singles, two triples, and one double. no red, green or white lights were ever spotted. only the single ones came close to us and right overhead. no blinking lights were observed even when they were pretty much straight overhead. no noise was heard. all of them seemed to turn off their orange light and vanish. in a lifetime of stargazing and sky watching i have never seen anything like this. especially the repeat performances. what were they? maybe drones? maybe the same three or so objects circling around bna? maybe 14 or more separate objects? i hope there's a logical explanation, but i don't believe licensed aircraft are allowed to just turn off their lights and vanish like that. anybody have any ideas? oh yeah, p.S. i stayed outside awhile longer. i didn't see any more moving orange lights. it was about 2:11 a.M. when i heard a helicopter approaching from the east heading over me and moving toward bna. i looked at it through binoculars. it had a red port light, a green starboard light, and a blinking white light. i could see some of it's structure. it was moving at about the same apparent speed as the orange lights but it was loud! i had no doubt it was a chopper and i thought it might have been a military flight out of smyrna air base 10 or 12 miles to my southeast. maybe it kept more orange lights away???!!!???

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Credit: MUFON

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