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Sunday, October 16, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2005-07-10 00:00:00 - Chrome sphere size of beach ball. loud buzzing sound. following my platoon during training over the course of two days

I was in infantry training on ft benning ga. the first day half of our platoon went out then the second day the rest of the platoon would be taken out for the training. at the end of the first day the first half came back going on and on about a ufo. i wasn't there so i thought they were mistaken or outright making up stories. the second day my half went out to the training grounds. two or three people from the first day also came out with us. within a half hour we stated hearing a loud buzzing sound. the men who were there the first day start yelling " it's coming its coming that's the noise we heard it make the whole time". sure enough about 50 ft over the tree tops comes this chrome metallic sphere. the buzzing was loud. like it had a motor going inside it. though the sphere looked complete. i couldn't see any openings or ports. it would follow us hovering and then changing direction andnheading. though it always kept us in line of sight. sometimes it would go so far out and up that we couldn't hear the buzzing and could barely see the glint of the chrome in the sun. at least a qt mile out. i always thought it was a drone. this was 2005 so drone designs were coming out every day. i thought for sure some day i would get an explanation. i always was sure it was our own military using my platoon as training for this object. the funny part is the closest thing to someone else seeing something like that and matching my story was a ufo encounter. but i'm still sure your going to read this and go "yea yea it's some "never made it" us drone design". if that is the case sorry for wasting your time. if itnwasn't for my buddy hearing my story and making me fill out reports i never would have said anything. i mean it was like 11 years ago.

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Credit: MUFON

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