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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Clarksville, Maryland on 2010-03-27 20:00:00 - Red orb hovered then abruptly changed direction

In 2010, i had an interesting sighting of something in the sky occur. i managed to get photographs of it and a couple videos (though the videos are pitch black and just are basically audio). i have yet to find an explanation for what the object was and i have not seen it since then. i typed up a detailed account right after spotting it, which is as follows. if anyone has seen something similar, please let me know. i know it's an old account but after talking about it to someone, i was encouraged to post here. march 2010 - as i was walking home from work at 8 last night, i saw this interesting object in the sky that got my attention. the object consisted of 3 solid lights and 1 blinking light on the right. it didn’t look like a plane at all. maybe it was a plane, but if it was, the plane was flying way too low. i’m about 15 miles west of bwi airport, so it is normal to see planes coming and going. the object i saw was descending in an awkward way, parallel to the horizon like a helicopter, but i've seen helicopters descend in the area at night and it didn't look like one. i probably would have ignored it were it not for a gut feeling that something was not right with that object. i followed the object as i walked home, but lost it as i got to my street. i was a bit disappointed, but immediately spotted another object that was even more interesting… the object was a blood red color, and was moving through the sky at a fairly fast speed. it was about the brightness of mars in the night-sky, but a darker red. i am not too familiar angular diameter, but it took less than 5 seconds for it to move a distance equivalent to the width of the full moon. it was not very bright, just a bit brighter than the stars on orion’s belt, so i kept losing sight of it. when i first saw the object, it was heading southwest while blinking at variable speeds. i pointed it out to a neighbor who said it could be mars, but it was moving way too fast and didn't look like a plane or helicopter. i quickly ran inside and grabbed my camera. i still have it, it's a kodak z730 budget camera but thankfully it has a custom exposure slider. when i returned outside, i could not find the red object. i looked around for it, but could not find it. a few minutes later, it (or another, similar object) reappeared from my northwest. it followed a similar, but slightly different path, parallel to the first object. on a normal 1/8th second exposure, the camera did not capture the red object. i upped the setting to 2-6 second exposure and captured the flight of the red object. when it reached the spot near where it hovered before, it slowed down, but then rounded a 90 degree turn and i lost it a few seconds later. up until when it rounded the turn, i thought the object could be a plane or a meteor or something, despite having 2 passes. but the 90 degree turn was done at a speed that i have never seen in any other object. after the turn, i saw it turn blue, and then i lost it. ” i had another similar experience with a similar red object several weeks later. in the middle of the night i woke up and just felt the urge to peek outside. i saw a red object just moving slowly from my north to my south at a full moon's width every 6-7 seconds. i thought to myself "that's odd but it's probably just a helicopter." a couple seconds later, it suddenly shot down towards the horizon and my stomach dropped at least a foot. that photograph is attached. (the last image) what. the. heck. is. this. thing!? **tl;dr** saw weird red object in 2010 that did not look like any plane or helicopter i've ever seen. caught some crappy pictures of it using a multi-second exposure. then it stopped and shot down to the horizon at a 90 degree angle from it's previous position, covering a distance of the width of 5 full moons in a second.

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Credit: MUFON

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