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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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UFO Sighting in North Canton, Ohio on 2016-10-15 19:00:00 - Bright white object, almost appeared to be planet or star like. hovered and descended slow.

Thought i should share this with you, tonight on 10/15/16 i witnessed along with my wife, friend and and my son, i witnessed would be my 3rd ufo experience out here in northeast ohio at our home. we live kinda in the country so this as stated above isn't my first time experiencing such an event. to give you an idea, we leave close to the akron canton airport, so i see plenty of aircraft take off and land here. i was facing sw when i noticed a bright light in the sky, to bright to be a star that early and oddly placed to be an aircraft landing or taking off. before i started filming this ufo it was hovering for a good 20 minutes in the sky, no sounds nothing just hovering. i started filming and then noticed it slowly descending behind the tree line. i stopped filming after it sunk below the trees as the camera wouldn't pick it up but it stayed behind the tree line where i could see it through the trees for a good 15 minutes. it wasn't a plane or helicopter no flashing lights, no sound. i feel gifted to be able to see one let alone three out here within 4 years. call me crazy i don't care but i know what i seen. definitely wasn't the space station. i first seen at 7pm higher in the sky, began filming at 719pm lost sight behind the trees 3 min later, completely lost sight at about 730 ish. space station wasn't visible in the nw till 830 ish. i have video upon request. i can say it wasn't a plane, meteor, or the space station. only leaves two other explanations, ufo or a drone, ive never seen a drone give off such a bright light. this is my 3rd ufo experience out here in 4 years, each different.

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Credit: MUFON

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