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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Independence, Missouri on 2007-10-28 03:30:00 - 2 triangular shaped objects hovering

I was driving home from work about 3:30 am aprox.Oct 28 2007 .I was headed north on blue ridge cutoff and turned right onto blue ridge blvd. about the 3rd house on left there was a ham radio antenna.Right on top was a triangular shaped ufo.Hoving right on top of antenna.I pulled over for a few seconds.It was black with no n numbers.I thought at first it might be attached to the antenna.However the antenna was not bending.I continued down blue ridge blvd.Towards my house.It was facing in westward direction.When i got to the corner of blue ridge blvd. and cedar ave. there was a second one hovering just above treetop on cedar ave. which was a few feet north of my car which was headed east.I pulled to the side to observe the object.It triangular just like the first one. it was just hovering in a stationary position.Both were black in color and appeared to be made of stealth composite type material.It was complete triangular not like f-22 which has some other shapes on edge.I sat there in my car for about 20 min. watching it.The bottom was smooth.After looking at bottom for about 10 minutes i noticed a couple of very faint circular areas which i assume were where landing gear was.The object did not move up or down at all the whole time i was watching.I was trying to figure out how it was able to hover.Finnally i rolled down my window and listened to see if i could here something.I was barely able to hear anything but what sounded like an engine reviving at extremely high rpm.The thing would not move while i was sitting there so i decided to circle the block to get a different view.By the time i circled the block it was moving in a westerly slightly north direction at about approximately 25 or 30 miles per hour at same height as it was hovering.Approx.30 feet off ground.I could not see a cockpit of any kind from my angles of view.It was not a helicopter.I hope this info helps you.I lived in this area most of my life.When younger we would see strange objects in sky darting around over the sugar creek oil refinery. take care

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Credit: MUFON

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