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Monday, October 17, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Salisbury, Maryland on 2016-10-17 07:54:00 - Observed yelllow/orange star-like object hover, slowly begin moving, dimmed then vanished

I was at my computer playing a game in my off-campus dorm when my roommate called me out to the porch, saying i should come look at something. after about 20 seconds i went outside to see what looked like a orange-yellow light in the sky south east of us. he began to tell me how he's on the phone with his girlfriend who's at the academic commons on campus of salisbury university. she and a bunch of other students were looking at this light in the sky before i came out and were debating what it was since it was unusual. his girlfriend thought it was a shooting start but that is preposterous as when i went outside to look at it it was standing still and hovering. my roommate took about 15 seconds to describe what's aforementioned to me and i spend the next 50 seconds or so observing the object. i told him he should try to take a picture, but his camera was not good enough to take a night photo of it. i thought i started to see very slight movement from the object; it was flickering/twinkling like you would expect a star, but then i questioned if it was moving to my roommate. he said it was moving earlier, and that it was vanishing then reappearing, and so did his girlfriend. after observing it shortly and deducing it was slowly moving, i observed it began to dim slightly, then vanished from the sky. as of this writing, about 45 min from writing this, i have not seen it again since. i believe i witnessed the object for about 1 min 20 seconds, but it was in the sky before i witnessed it and other people where already looking at it, i.E. my roommate, his girlfriend, and anonymous other people with her at our university's new building. this sighting is particularity important to me because i observed a similar albeit red/orange orb in sarasota florida that vanished almost 2 years ago while i was on vacation; i reported that sighting, case #64427. i never thought i would see anything else like it until now. it's amazing other people saw it this time with me too.

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Credit: MUFON

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