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Saturday, October 22, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Norwalk, Connecticut on 1967-07-01 00:00:00 - Following road map to perk&elmer wilton ct. l do believe it was owned by usa usa today

My three cousin and i were in the front yard of there house when this ufo was coming down the street i'd say about tree top 150 ft going about 30 miles an hour it came down ellen st going west came to end of street grumman ave made a sharp l shape turn it did not stop all in one motion same speed went north on grumman as i watched go up the road it looked like it jump around like it was bumpy ride like it was following a road map later in my life kept thinking where were that going this was before we had gps i believe it was going up to cranberry park made a left on kenneth rd at the end of kenneth rd across route seven is perk & elmer i googled perk & elmer recently and wow look what that do that's were it was going.Why i think it was one of our ufo was that it had lights on it i believe like navigation lights on a boat same colour light green on the left light blue on the right red on bottom in the middle and white on the top it had 30by20 concave panels on it.Burnt looking probably from reeanter the atmosphere it sounded like it had a bad air conditioner compressor going bad it was loud like the ones we have to run our house. that's the only noise it had. also i like to point out that this all happened at dusk just before the sun went down.I also have another story when i was delivering disc shape objects one a week to the port in ga.The invoice said it was going to taiwan general electric in toccoa ga was making them this went on for along time i think a year or more thanks for listening keep up the good work.P.S. a lot of good technology comes from ct norton radar no someone who works security for them.90% of the ufos we see today there ours.Two sigar shape 1/4 of a mile long hundreds of one man ufo triangular as big as volkswagen patrolling our earth so not to many other ufo are going to get thru our defences.And we have been mining on the moon for along time that's how we get all that equipment up there it's a shame that our government waited for globle warming to come out with this new technology when that had it for along time we have been mining it on the moon since the 60s.Lwt me go u talk to mutch.One more thing to ad why would aliens come so far away to be following a road map.Thanks kevin from ga.

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Credit: MUFON

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