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Thursday, October 6, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Woodbridge, Virginia on 1980-12-24 00:00:00 - A pair of craft emitting the same flashing lights looked delta shaped in the lghts reflection

About 3.00 a.M. on 24th december 1980 i was a police officer stationed at aldebrgh in suffolk and had pursued a drink driver from aldeburgh golf course through rendlesham forest and onto the officers mess carpark at usaf bentwaters. there i arrested the driver and took him to woodbridge police station for breath analysis. later that night i returned to usaf bentwaters and thatnked the air police at their office for their assistance as they backed me up with the earlier arrest. it was now about 2.55 a.M. when i left bentwaters to return to my beat around aldeburgh. as i approached rendlesham forrest i turned my roof emergency light beacon on checking it because during the earlier chase it had failed several times. the blue light was a new design with a very strong halogen bulb rotating on a belt driven chassis inside the blue plastic lens. i left the light continue on for about 4 minutes checking its continued operation. as i came to a clearing in the forest at an intersection i noticed some kind of craft hovering above me through the opening in the trees, i could only half make out the shape of what these flashing lights were attached to. at first i thought it was a pair of a10s as they fly in pairs slower than f111s of which i had seen several and even attended a crashed f111 in ringsfield suffolk. but these lights and the craft they were attached to were almost stationary, i continued driving through the forest and every time there was a break in the trees i would look up through my windshield and there above and slightly infront of me travelling about my speed was these lights. at the next intersection in the forest just south of dunwich i stopped and got out of my patrol car and observed these pair of craft with the same flashing lights about 4-500ft above me and slowly rotating around the vicinity of this intersection, my car 2 way radio was producing continuous squelch static and i couldn't get hq to acknowledge a radio check. i stood next to my open car door for about 3 minutes trying to make out what was circling above. there was no sound at all and i know it wasn't a helicopter. i got back into my car and drove off as quickly as i could go and by the time i was south east of saxmundham, the entity had gone. i never saw it again and never reported it because you would be labelled a fruit cake, it wasn't until about ten years ago i heard about the rendlesham forest ufo and realised that was probably something to do with what i has seen that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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