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Sunday, October 30, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Ellijay, Georgia on 2016-10-30 08:00:00 - I seen what appeared to be 3 ufos, 1 larger & brighter than the other 2.

It was about 755 pm et when i pulled out of anderson rd onto roy rd in the cartecay area of ellijay. this is about a 15-20 minute drive from downtown ellijay. as i started traveling down heading west i noticed a big ball of light in the sky. i thought that it may have been an airplane or a helicopter at first. after looking at it, i could tell that through the bright white light there appeared to be colored flashing lights. a helicopter nor an airplane would have a bright white light like this with colored flashing lights that were flashing like this while it was hovering. so, i proceeded down roy and rounded the 90 degree curve and then i noticed that the bright white light was still off to my left, but then lost it behind the trees a bit. i continued traveling down roy rd, now heading north west. i got just past river hill rd and roy rd and i pulled over to the side of the road where i snapped a few pictures of the bright glowing object in the sky and then i noticed it changing colors through the still very bright glowing white light. after sitting for a few minutes, i sent a facetime request to my wife who observed this with me via a facetime video chat. i had just left her at her parents house just about 5-10 minutes previously to me seeing the object. the odd thing about it is, her and her mother seen the object last night and that is what prompted me to observe the sky on my way home when i noticed this object. i snapped several pictures of it and before i could capture some video of it, it backed up over the mountain and out of my view. while i was observing it for the 5-10 mins the object was stationary / hovering and was not moving, other than flashing lights. after it got out of my view, i sat there for a few minutes about 2-3 to see if it was going to return and it did not, so i continued my travels home (i was enroute to blue ridge). as i got down to holt bridge rd, i observed the object again to my west still. i pulled over on the side of the road on holt bridge rd and was on facetime with my wife and continued to speak with her as i observed the object in the sky. the object them seem to have continued to move a little and i wanted to see if i could get a better and closer view and the object appeared to the path to my travel home, so i continued my travels. i got almost to the end of big creek rd and hwy 52 and i could then see the object in the horizon, but as i got to that intersection, the object was behind the trees and out of my view. i then continued my travel down hwy 52 toward downtown ellijay heading west. as i continued my travels i observed the light had moved a little bit further away from me now and seemed to me more distant than previously. i continued my travel down hwy 52 to r&a orchard at the intersection of hwy 52 and ridgemont dr. i pulled over onto ridgemont dr where i spent several minutes observing this glowing object taking video of it at this point for a period of about 5 1/2 minutes. while observing this object i observed what appeared to be 2 other stationary glowing objects that had a similar bright glowing appearance that seemed to be a little bit further away. the other 2 glowing objects appeared spherical as well but were so far away it was really hard to tell. after observing the other 2, they maintained what appeared to be about a 1 mile separation from each other and approximately about a 3-5 mile separation from the larger object that i was previously observing. i continued to observe these 3 objects for several minutes, then identifying what appeared to be an airplane fly in the vicinity of where the larger object was, traveling what appeared to be n in the sky, which the large object continued to remain stationary. i observed all 3 of these objects with no movement from any of them other than flashing lights for a period of about 15-20 minutes. on several occasions, it appeared that there were 'jets' of some sort flying in the vicinity of where the larger object was at. i'm not sure if they were military jets sent to seek this object out or not. but, they appeared to have come and gone as quickly as they showed up, their flashing green and red lights disappeared within a few seconds of them showing up in the vicinity of the larger object. at that point, the 2 smaller object separated and one travelled in a w nw direction toward where the larger object was, but never appeared to make contact or interact with the larger object, but continued in what appeared to be a straight path. the other object took a north pattern and headed directly toward me, both objects traveling fairly quickly and gaining ground quickly from where they were at. it took the object just about 2-3 mins to travel what appeared to be probably about 10 miles. as the object got about 2-3 miles away from me, it turned off it's bright white light and flashed some lights and the object appeared to have a boomerang shape to it, as it continued flying, it passed direction over me and the object then appeared to be a square shape and i observed lights on 4 sides of the object. it was covered with flashing lights on all sides of it, that were flashing red, green, blue and white from what it appeared. if trying to guess about how hight the object was, i would guess to say about 10,000 feet. jet airlines usually fly at about 30,000 ft and are just usually a very small speck in the sky. i saw a lot of planes this evening and these objects were all at about the same height, except the first object, which appeared to be a little bit lower, maybe at around 8,000 feet or so, but it was off in the distance a bit and it was really hard to tell, but it didn't seem as high as the other 2 i observed. as the object continued overhead above me, it continued to move and did not stop to observe me. at this time, i was standing outside of my vehicle watching it and the other 2 objects. when i turned to capture some more video of the larger object which i had been observing for quite some time, i observed the object 'jump' back to what appeared about 10 miles away from me in the blink of an eye. at this time, i got back in my vehicle and continued my travels home, not observing any further objects. i continued watching the sky on my way home and appeared to only have observed what appeared to be commercial airlines on the way home with a height of about 30000 feet on all of the other objects passing through the night sky. when leaving r&a i looked at my clock and it was about 8:44 pm et. i observed these objects over a period of about 40 minutes, my wife also observed them via live facetime video with me on a couple of occasions. i did capture photos and video of the object(s) and will provide them when asked for them.

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Credit: MUFON

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