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Thursday, October 27, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Eccles Hall School Eccles, England on 2005-11-08 21:20:00 - Myself and room-mate saw a perfect sphere / ball in the night sky it was fiery orange with hint of yellow, when dim it was shiny black

I was at boarding school - the new eccles hall school in south norfolk at the time. one evening myself and my room-mate david wood were given the duty to lock up the classrooms for the night by the teachers. as we were coming out of the 80 wing building to lock it up, dead straight in front of us, about 170 feet away just above the pine trees was a perfect spherical / sphere / (fire) ball when lit / globe shaped / 3d circle object in the night sky. it drew our attention to it by its bright luminous fiery glowing deep orange flame like colour. we were frozen still and transfixed by it. it was pulsating orange light then it dimmed then orange light again and so on in a regular fashion probably one second bright, then one second dim. the light seemed to come from within the object and retract back into it, when it was dim though one could make out against the night sky, a dark black outline of the edge and thus shape of the object. it looked super polished / shiny almost thick glass like material. it was only a-little bit lighter than the sky - so dark black when it was dim! there was no noise no smell no movement, it just was utterly stationary / motionless / hovering over the senior boarding house like it had some-kind of anti-gravitational power! there was no windows no doors no wings nothing! we left to go to our bedrooms, it was nearing bedtime for us. i had a feeling of being unable to take my eyes off it. it was somewhat frightening but at the same time a mesmerizing unforgettable life changing experience. david and i both looked at each other without saying a word but we both knew what each was thinking, we were saying in our facial expression as if to say what on earth is that! we could not absorb the incredible unknown thing we were looking at. the next morning it was gone, we told the deputy head master of the school paul beddoe who brushed it off as nothing much in his view. i tried to identify what it was, but could not do so. i still don't know what it was nearly 11 years later! and that fact drives me insane! the history of the school may also be of relevance? i would estimate its size as about 2/3 small mini cars i.E. about 20-30 feet across. it was deep orange when lit and jet black when dim, which could of been its colour or it might have been see-through. i do have a-little bit of trouble recalling the passage of time that evening. i would estimate it at being about 85 feet above the ground / in the air i.E. about 20 feet above top of the trees. time seemed slow and somewhat difficult to keep track of. i did get a small feeling of being frozen still, sort of paralyzed when i first saw it. the weather was clear no clouds and a cold nearly freezing night, my breath was visible in air.

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Credit: MUFON

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