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Monday, October 3, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mexico City, Mexico City on 2014-07-07 23:20:00 - Triangle black and transparent going down and approaching, 2nd white light turn on out of my door and a little black sphere floated under door

Good evening, i would like to comment on some experiences. my name is erika documentary film producer very focused on environmental and social projects, united nations member harmony with nature and executive director ofngo in mexico. since childhood i have had sightings of unidentified flying objects, the first time was in the company of my mother and were 3 red lights forming a triangle were in a park in mexico city. the second sighting was in the company of my baby at age 18 opposite a park in the city of veracruz mexico pozarica this time was a white sphere and quickly moved to the right and disappeared when the point. i've seen ships of light many times, however there are two situations for which i write are the ones i call the attention and would like to know a little more, the day 7 july 2014 i was behind the hotel piedra escondida in tulum, quintana roo had made a very deep meditation and ending watched the sky with a friend, no clouds the milky way was seen, first saw that half the sky white put a white light that blinded us stopped 3 seconds sea ​​side only clearly defined was repeated about 4 times, at that time i told my friend that we gave thanks for everything and our feet began to move by themselves so much happiness, and began to give tachycardia, at that moment we heard some noises were approaching and we were not able to see anything, first we thought they were raccoons, came more and more and at the same time we began to see in the sky but not as high a triangular, transparent but dark ship, the noises came closer when the noises were already with our hearing within 10 cm or 5, the ship under close as a maximum 6 meters from our head i told my friend we left. later in mexico city we saw again, he was stop one block from where we were in heaven as the look went fast. a few days later i was in my bedroom with a friend she was asleep all the lights in the house were out i was lying on the mattress about to sleep when i saw that slowly a very strong white light and a black lump the size of the iris is lit an eye. i feel watched by a technologie that i dont know what it is if is of this planet or of another. i think the ship was founding higher frequencys. thank you for your atention. sincerely

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Credit: MUFON

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