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Thursday, October 27, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Copiague, New York on 2016-10-27 00:00:00 - Quantum entities found in sunlight

Extraterrestrial life found quantum entities found in light from our sun... since my discovery i get visited every night... "experiments confirm that entangled states exist at microscopic, scales, at the size of atoms or elementary particles. but if the laws of quantum mechanics are universal, why don’t we observe entangled states of macroscopic objects surrounding us?" -answer: they have not been discovered until now. they were in between states of micro/macro in a ©milcro state. see microscopic is not visible to the naked eye. but, macroscopic is visible to the naked eye. now, ©milcro is at the speed of light and millimeters in size not visible to the eye but visible without a microscope on a digital scale (slight of hand trick) i just created the word ©milcro "the famous schrödinger’s cat experiment suggests that even cats and people can exist in an entangled state, i.E. they can be both “alive” and “dead” at the same time." ©milcro describes how it is possible but not visible on a human perspective but on a digital perspective to view both at the same time thus seeing consciousness for the first time in between states. "schrödinger called these novel structures ‘aperiodic crystals’. he asserted that they must obey quantum rather than classical laws, and further suggested that gene mutations might be caused by quantum jumps within the crystals. he went on to propose that many of life’s characteristics might be based on a novel physical principle. in the inanimate world, as we have seen, macroscopic order commonly arises from molecular disorder: order from disorder. but perhaps, said schrödinger, the macroscopic order we find in life reflects something else: the uncanny order of the quantum scale. he called this speculative new principle ‘order from order’. bent light message: we are on the verge of the biggest scientific breakthrough for our generation. twitter check out bent light (@bentlightnews): facebook website

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Credit: MUFON

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