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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2016-09-24 17:37:00 - Two f18s flew over bmo field. about 2 hours later i looked up and noticed an orb, then three, then five, then 12! i filmed blindly buy captured 6 on one video.

We were driving to toronto to pick up my nephew at the u of t dorms (my spouse, my two children and i). as we entered the city, we heard then saw two f-18s fly over very low. turns out it was to honour canadian armed forces day at bmo field. about two hours later, we get to king's college circle and my spouse and kids go to get my nephew. i stayed with the car in case i had to move it. i got out to stretch my legs and have a smoke, when i noticed a bright dot in the sky. i reached into the car to grab my glasses and the camera. when i put on my glasses (for distance), i could actually see three orbs in a triangle directly west! i only had a 5th generation ipod, which only has a selfie cam, so i had to turn my back to the sky and raise my arms over my head to film. unsure if f i was catching anything, i would film blindly for 30 or 40 seconds and look back. at one point i counted 12 and some had even turned from white/yellow to red. just then a guy and 3 girls walked by. i pointed the orbs out and said i see 12. they had walked a bit further and he said, "make that 15!" as there were another 3 in a triangle formation on the other side of the trees, that i couldn't see from my original position. the girls said it was probably a ballon and kept walking. in disbelief i turned back to the orbs. the guy stared a bit more than caught up to his party. he agreed it wasn't balloons before he left. i filmed 2 more videos (blindly still) after that and managed to capture six orbs at once. at that point my family came back. we watched the orbs a bit more but by then most were behind the trees. we drove out but couldn't see any more with all the buildings. the films are huge. i've only uploaded one to youtube so far. go to 1:40 where i slow it down and zoom in. print screens are attached.

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Credit: MUFON

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