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Monday, October 3, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Highland Heights, Kentucky on 2016-10-02 21:10:00 - Glowing orange orb pulsed a blue aura three times randomly. moved from west to east in straight line path.

i walked outside to take the dog out. i always look at the sky but i noticed it because it was moving but had no flight lights or landing lights. it was just a glowing orange light and a few times it pulsed or blinked a blue light randomly. i honestly didn't know what it was when i first noticed it. i could have easily confused it for a orange star if it weren't moving. the orange orb of light was moving from west to east but it was moving faster then a helicopter and possibly the same speed as a small jet preparing to land. as i was watching it. i thought it was moving rather fast for a orange glowing ball of light but it wasn't moving as fast as a fighter jet. as i watched it moving across the sky it blinked or pulsed a bright blue light. it seemed as if it pulsed the blue light then two seconds later it pulsed it again. except that i only observed it pulse the blue light three times and it was some what random. the light pulsed there was a two second pause.It pulsed again, another two second pause it did it a third time another two second pause but it did not do it consistently the entire time it moved across the sky. i went inside the house to get my husband to come and look at it. he sat in the chair and lit a cigarette and began to watch it. i remembered my camera and ran into the house to get it. when i came back outside it had moved behind a large tree and it took it about 5 seconds to re-appear from behind the tree. my camera was un able to pick it up in the darkness and at that distance. i was excited by the sighting and felt disappointment as it moved off out of sight.

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Credit: MUFON

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