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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Sechelt, British Columbia on 2015-08-12 19:30:00 - Watched silver flying saucer fly right over us and take notice of us watching it fly over us and when i tried to point at it.

On the evening of aug,s 12th 2015. i went out front door to get some freash air and just happen to be loomis south when all of suddenly i notice something very small and far away high in the sky descending towards our direction and very fast. when it started to get closer i could see it shape and it looked like a fly disc from afar but when it got even closer i could see it very clear.I looked for a 2 1/2 second before i said anything. next i notice it was going to fly straight over us and when i said ( hey look at this!! ) . it suddenly did a inverted turn right over us before i could even finish what i was saying. the next thing i noticed is it had a flat out edge and that is when it flipped on its edge with its bottem pointed at us during its inverted turn over us. next i watched it go over us and fly north up porpoise bay.And as it flies over us i feel as if i am losing my and can not hear anything for 1/2 a second as it flew over us . it was moving very fast and never slowed down at all even during its inverted turn. close encounter of the first kind and very close , within 100 feet of us.Tree top far away that's how far away it was from us. i watch it come from the sky from far away and very small at first.It made no noise at all. had no lights or windows. no seams or revites. no markings could be seen. and not even the wind made a noise either and it should have for something like that. it was not very big either. the size of a small plane and 1/2 and only a few feet thick too. it was silver crime looking.And turned instantly , like at the blink of an eye fast.

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Credit: MUFON

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