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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Tampa, Florida on 1993-06-06 00:00:00 - My mother, brother, a friend& i seen a big ufo as we were driving north on manhattan ave and 5pm. when we got home !Y step dad was yelling saying we were gone 2hrs.Its a 15min tops aron.

When i was 13 maybe 14 !Y mother brother,brothers friend,& i were traveling north on !Manhattan ave around 5pm to go to the farm store drive thru.As we were heading north passed fairoaks we noticed there was a huge blimp up ahead in our straight path as we got closer we started to see it had circular windows the color and how it was hovering over the bank on henderson blvd.At this time we are all yelling it's ah ufo!!!! i remember my ma yanking the steering wheel to the left to pull into the farm store drive thru.When my step dad opens the door for us when we got home he was so angry with my ma claiming we've been gone for 2hours(there & back only takes 15mins tops) we pleaded with him he was crazy we only went to the drive thru.A couple of months later my brothers friend came over again & he brought up the ufo we seen. we all 3 sat there with our eyeballs ready to pop out!!! we lost 2hours of time,dont remember driving home,didnt remember even seeing the gosh darn ufo til months later.We sure would of had our eyes peeled open looking for the ufo on the way back home.We don't remember driving back home..Just my step dad really worried+mad.We all talk about it from time to time except we lost contact with my brothers friend over the years.I told my ma if i had the chance to get us hypnotized i'd do it just to hear/remember what happened during those 2hours of our life's weve lost.

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Credit: MUFON

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