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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Montford Bridge, England on 2016-10-11 11:30:00 - Pair of triangle ufos over old airfield near shrewsbury

My friend has already reported this to mufon but it has been listed under an american state when it should be listed under shropshire uk: myself and 8 other friends were out walking along our local lanes and fields, and were heading back towards grafton from the montford bridge area near shrewsbury. at about 11:30am we were walking towards forton heath farm which is located alongside the old forton heath airfield which is disused, when we all heard a loud humming sound. as we stopped and looked slightly to our left and to the north over the field that ajoins the airfield we saw two black triangle shapes low in the sky approaching the farm to the left of where we were standing our approx coordinates were 52.754036, -2.837602. these two triangle type things were really dark and solid and moved so slowly it was almost like they should fallen out of the sky. they were at about 500ft my friend says and were moving alongside each other. we all stopped still trying to figure out what they were and two of my friends took their mobile phones out and took pictures (the images can be provided). as they did so both triangle started to shine red lights on the fron and bottom of them. they then came to a hover about 200 yards from us, turned on a 360 and started to move back to the north but much quicker and with the same humming sound. they eventaully disappeared from site and we couldn't hear them anymore either. one of the group with us is a recently retired police officer from west mercia police force and he said that there is no way on earth that they were fast jets or drones, because jets and drone have loud audible engines that produce thrust and not a humming sound. he also said that the speed they were going defies all conventional means of moving through the air and he is dumbfounded as to what they could possibly be. we all agree that they are ufos because they cannot be easily identified. we would like to know if anyone else has seen these strange looking things in shropshire, and why they might of been lurking about over an old airfield etc? we do have images although they are fuzzy as taken on a nokia 520 mobile phone, and we have a sketch that 4 of us have done.

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Credit: MUFON

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