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Monday, October 17, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Bloomington, Minnesota on 2016-09-20 22:30:00 - I cloud-like smoke ring with perfect round and more solid cloud material equidistant around perimeter.

Directly across the street from where i live facing due west at around 10:30 pm, i noticed something familiar in the otherwise clear sky. i immediately pointed it out to my neighbor as we were heading towards the car. it looked like a smoke ring-perhaps 30 feet in diameter, but seemed to consist of cloud. there are no chimney's or smoke stacks on either building that i am aware of. this was see through in the center. it was stationary between two buildings-a one story and a two story over a parking lot area. it had no solid structure to it whatsoever in that there was no evidence of a solid object being there such as metal, glass, wings or actual lights. around the perimeter of this oval shaped ring were much smaller and a more dense/thick cloud matter that was perfectly round in shape and spaced equidistant around the ring.These seemed to have a little bit more of a brightness to them without giving off any actual light.My neighbor and i stood and marveled at it for about 1 minute at that time of the sighting. i shared that i had seen this same thing in the same general area several times in the past about 3 years prior. it was in basically the same area. i saw it from approximately a half a block further away from an easterly direction facing again facing west from my balcony. i suggested that it appeared as if there was something solid there that was possibly cloaked, for lack of a better term, that would have been a disc-shaped object that had lights around the perimeter but everything of the thing that might have been made of solid material, ie. a structured craft, was somehow being cloaked. it was too perfect in shape to be just clouds and too detailed in appearance to be some sort of mist or fog. my neighbor agreed that the way i thought of it as being a cloaked object that was in actuality solid but not able to be detected as a solid object resonated as what it appeared it could be.We moved the car into the garage and decided to walk back to study it again. it hadn't changed or moved from what we could tell in the 1-2 minutes it was out of our field of vision. we stared at it again from about 1 minute and returned to our building.

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Credit: MUFON

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