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Thursday, October 20, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Santa Monica, California on 2016-10-07 05:05:00 - Witnessed one then multiple ufos that flew and hovered over the ocean at santa monica

Had left a friend's house in santa monica, ca in the early morning of oct. 7th, 2016. it was about 5:05 a.M. and i was waiting for a bus to return home. decided to go across the street to the park, which is at the corner of ocean ave. and santa monica blvd. i was standing at the guardrail at the bluffs that overlook pacific coast highway, it was a clear night and i could see the ocean and the stars. suddenly, out of the northwest corner i noticed an object that was all white and flying out toward the ocean. what caught my attention were two things: 1. it was completely quiet. 2. it flew in a strange, jerky, zig zag, side to side kind of movement that i had never seen before. it continued away from me for about another 200 feet then stopped in mid air. it hovered for a few minutes and it's white light seemed to go from bright white to dull and back again. at one point, it turned so bright that it left a thick trail of light on the water. when it began moving again over the water it took a southwestern route an was getting a little closer to me. at that point i could clearly see the shape was that of a cigar. the exterior looked gray and it had outside flashing lights that were blue, green and red. as it was leaving my view i looked back over the western part of the water and saw two more white craft, but both coming from opposite directions over the water. one looked to be about 200 ft. from me, while the other seemed to be about 300 feet. they both slowed to a very slow pace, but did not hover like the first craft did. they eventually crossed paths and one headed in the same southwestern path as the first one did. as it turned closer to me, it too was cigar-shaped, gray colored and had the same blue, green and red lights flashing on it. long story short, over the next hour i spotted a total of 7 of these craft that would either hover over the water or move very slowly over it. all six left in the same direction, which was the southwestern direction. i watched the final one fly and hover for awhile. finally, and to my surprise, as it began to leave it started to fly in my direction. i became slightly frightened as i didn't know if it had observed me watching it. i stood under a large oak tree hoping to be shielded. i watched it silently fly over. it looked silver and gray on the bottom with a few red lights. it was flying quite fast at this point. it continued in a southeastern direction and i watched it fade from my view. i have always believed in ufos, but this was my first official sighting of one. i felt bewildered and somewhat out of sorts as to what i had just witnessed. lastly, my cell phone had died about an hour before so there was no way i was able to take any photos. furthermore, because it was still nighttime, i'm not sure how good the quality would have been anyway.

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Credit: MUFON

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