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Monday, October 31, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Panama City, Panama on 2016-10-31 05:50:00 - 5 very bright lights over the see in front panama city. no sign of airplanes, never saw something like that. my husband is an aeronautical engineer and said he didn't see it before.

It was about 5:50 am. the sun was already in the sky of panama city, panama. my family woke up as every day more or less at this time. i took my baby in the crib and whent to our living room with her, which has an ocean view. sudenlly i saw 5 very bright lights in the sky and was wondering if it could see airplanes or some stars. but it was so bright that i had to pay more attention. i concluded it could not be stars because the sun was slready high on the sky and no airplane because the light was no intermitent. it was very bright and shiny. then i called my husband to run to the balcone to see what it was. he is an aeronautical engineer and said it could be those airplanes that land on vertical. but he thout it very weird in this region. also because it was so bright. he said he never saw something like that. one of the lights was bigger and started to move slowly up and the down. my husband made a video but unfortunatelly it doesn't show well all we have seem. but you can see clear the big light and how the sun was already very high on the sky. i was so sckeptical on what we were seeing that i simply went back home to make coffee, but the day is in the end and ai can not think in another thing. just searing on my balcony and looking to the sky where i saw the lights. it was not normal.

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Credit: MUFON

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