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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on 2016-10-15 19:10:00 - My wife and myself were standing under the park shelter looking at the lights across the landscape when suddenly this glowing light appeared sitting dead still in the sky. it set ther for a few minutes and the flew over us going from the east sky to west

Me and my wife go to this park all the time just to relax and get out of the house. we are use to seeing the night sky from this park which has a very good view of the land scape for miles. on this particular night as we are standing there we were looking to the east and a car pulled up behind us to the west. we turned around to see who the people were pulling in and when we turned back around there was a large bright light just sitting there in the sky so bright it lit up the landscape for miles. this park is on 23rd & topping in kansas city. and you can see all the way out to the sports complex where arrowhead and royal stadiums are at in raytown a suburb of kc. the light was so bright it lit up the park from out there in raytown. we sit there and watch it for about 4 or 5 minutes before i got the thought to get my cellphone out of the car and film it. by the time i ran to my car and came back it had turned the bright light out but was still lit up enough to see very clearly. this was the first of a collection of sightings that took place over the next 2 weeks. i have posted 4 videos on you tube which you can look up under willis clark's ufo video files. one where we were on the top level of a casino parking garage and you can actually see one take off from the ground and on the same video. one flew right over us and we thought that one was an airplane because it made noise like a jet or something until it flew off in the distance and posted up in the sky and sit perfectly still. and that night there was a fleet of these craft all over different parts of the kansas city sky. some so high in the sky they look like stars. one thing is for sure though ... these were not airplanes or choppers. actually one day, a couple of days before, when we were on the way to the same place we made the video of one taking off, we saw one flying along the highway we were on. close enough to see very clearly with out field glasses and we could see very clearly the size and shape of this craft and it look like nothing i've ever seen before but i couldn't get video because i was driving and my wife does not know how to use the phone video camera. but this craft flew along the path of the highway we were on for a few mile and then accelerated super fast ahead of us at a tremendous speed.

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Credit: MUFON

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