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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania on 2016-10-18 21:06:00 - Looked like a star, got super bright moved in 90 degree turn then blasted off

Around 8:45 pm my pug needed to go out side, the weather was clear with unseasonably warm weather roughly 78 degrees, normal temps are in the 40s at night. the sky was clear and the moon was behind out with plenty of star cover and clear view of mars as a marker. i was talking to my pug on the second floor deck looking at the stars as i often do. i noticed a rather bright looking star which caught my attention right away. there was several air planes flying to the left of this bright start by a large distance. i continued to watch the bright object and yell at the dog, the object caught my attention by moving upon the objects moving in a downward right 90 degree angle. the object was stationary prior to this movement. the object became brighter and tripled in size as the white sphere clearly was looking like a movie star ship starting to engage its engines. the object became a white i could only describe as amazing looking. then within second of this brilliant white light it blasted off in a upward arch towards the top of the atmosphere. this whole event from watching the object remaining stationary to moving was roughly 5 mins at most. once the object started its downward sharp right angle it was gone within seconds. the amazing part was the way it moved from stationary was flawless, a smooth almost unreal movement and as it flew into the atmosphere. no noise was noted, no colors other than a sparkling white to burning intense white during what this writing is noted "takeoff". the writer stayed outside with a cell phone set to video to record any other noted activities but nothing occurred at this time and date.

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Credit: MUFON

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