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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Clearwater, Florida on 2016-10-02 00:00:00 - Transparent pythagorean theorem triangle, three blue-white pulsating lights & flashing lights around the bottom two

Me and my friend saw something similar off of clearwater beach as described in the previous sighting off siesta key, florida which is farther south! that sighting was at 9 pm saturday night, we saw it sunday morning 1-3 am. it appeared to be headed north as we first noticed it coming from st. we initially saw a strange blueish-white light, and flashing lights around it from the distance. before we knew it we saw a pythagorean theorem triangle with the 3 same blueish-white lights at each corner, brilliant and close (the bottom two occasionally emitting flashing lights around them in some kind of pattern as aforementioned)...So unlike anything we've ever seen. they actually mimicked the stars so well, that one can easily miss it at a passing glance. but we've lived here our whole lives and we know the stars, it was so out of place and not static. it was transparent and you could see through it. this triangle also moved hovering-like and making no sound, from side to side and back and forth...But the change of positioning of the lights in the sky was uniform! now it or something exactly similar to what we saw has actually been witnessed in canada and posted a day later. here is the link to the video we also saw 2 strange human-like beings (initially thinking the first encounter was some cracked out/late party-goer wearing glow-sticks) almost come out of no-where then vanishing (perhaps wearing some camo-suite similar to their vessels tech) before reaching the pier walking north on clearwater beach with strong intent; wearing strange red-glowing visors, and a blue glowing necklace and a backpack that had a red circular symbol at the bottom left. they also seemed to be producing some bizarre black mist out of their backpack. the second individual came later and was a male, the first a female with erratic, non-human movement patterns walking the same linear path and they were about 2 hours apart (confirming a pattern and perhaps some connection with the object west off the beach). the first seemed to come right before we noticed the ufo appear before us, and after the second departed the ufo went off into the distance. these two events were just so out of the ordinary and during the same time, that it seems a rather ridiculous notion to consider it coincidental.

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Credit: MUFON

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