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Thursday, October 27, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Nottingham, England on 2016-10-27 22:30:00 - Max of 3 objects in the sky, triangle formation. planes nearby at times. incredibly bright lights on all..

1. i was out in my back garden at 10:30pm smoking a cigarette when i looked over the short wall and saw lights in the distance. then again at 12:30am i went outside again and they were still there. 2. what caught my attention first was the brightness of the centre of the orbs. at times they would dim as if the object had turned away but it was still super-bright even then. 3. chinese lanterns. until one of the objects started drifting east while the other's were perfectly still and unreasonably bright for being (what looked like) so far away. 4. looking almost directly south from my house i can see extremely far in a narrow-ish gap of sky between buildings and trees. so, facing south i was watching the objects move east and west with slight adjustments in elevation and periodic hovering until one by one they drifted behind the trees or just out of view. 5. i had a friend with me on the second viewing who couldn't explain what he was seeing either. both of us are extremely rational but could not even attept to explain these things. i managed to get a small amount of footage at the least interesting parts of the encounters i'm afraid. (shows movement, hovering but missed triangle formation with 3 objects). the timestamps in the properties of the videos show them to have been recorded an hour later than actually happened. the first video is 22:30 not 23:30. and the final video is 00:40 not 01:40. also the final video inclused an aeroplane to see the difference. 6.They would move behind the leaves of a tree obstructing that part of the skyline occasionally drifting back the way they came only to drift away again. to the other side the view is obscureed by houses.

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Credit: MUFON

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