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Sunday, October 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Boynton Beach, Florida on 2016-10-09 05:30:00 - Looked out balcony and saw 5 or 6 red lights hovering. seemed to mover closer to me. i sat up and stared, saw silver or grey saucer shape. when i sat up, it immediately move down east into sky and disappeared.

I was laying on my couch, trying to sleep but couldn't. i was looking out my balcony window into the sky. i live near the beach in a high rise building so i often look outside at the night sky, never see anything out of the ordinary. i was trying to sleep, so i look outside and see about 5 or 6 red lights in a straight line (west to east). at first in was farther away north of me up the coast. i wrote it off thought nothing of it. i looked again a minute later and saw the same red lights, but closer to me, still at a distance. thought it odd, but still didn't thing much of it. i looked again, saw the same lights, but even closer and more pronounced. i could now see a matted silver or grey outline of a saucer shaped craft. when i saw this, i shot up, sat upright on my couch. gazing harder and felt scared because it seemed like the craft was focusing directly on me. when i sat up and stared at the red lights and shape of he craft, i felt that it stared back at me, then darted away(smoothly)at a ne angle and disappeared. i had nothing to reference the size or distance, but knew it got closer to me and clearer each time i looked at it. the scariest part for me was the feeling that it was focusing on me, because as soon as i sat up and looked at it, it flew away. i ran back to my bed freaked out, feel like i will never sleep again at this point.

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Credit: MUFON

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