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Monday, October 10, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Hay, New South Wales on 2016-01-01 04:30:00 - Spherical shaped object hanging right next to moon which illuminated it. you could see the moonlight reflecting from the rear of the object.

I was on the front porch of my house. it was in the early hours of new years day 2016 (1st january 2016), around 4.30am. i was with two other friends who also saw the object. we had been drinking at a new years eve party before returning to my house. whilst sitting on my porch and having a beer with my friends i looked up at the moon which was very bright (not quite a full moon). it was then that i noticed the spherical object hanging below and to the left of the moon. i stared at the object trying to think what it was but nothing came to mind. i observed it for quite a while before i got out my iphone and took the footage. i could physically observe the object much better than the video shows. i zoomed right in an had the phone in my hand, that is why it moves around a bit. the object was just a spherical ball shape. it hung motionless in the sky below the moon and to the left. it appeared as though the moonlight was illuminating the right side of the object. you can see this in the video, that the object is being illuminated from behind and to the right. i remember thinking that i was witnessing something very unusual. it was motionless and made no noise. it was not an aircraft or a passing satellite. i wondered if i was seeing some distortion of a planet, but the object looked as though it was between the earth and the moon. i remember saying to my friends that it couldn't be a planet as the moon's light is reflecting off it. the object appeared more grey than white, although the illuminated side is more white. after taking the 22 seconds of footage i continued to watch the object. i stopped watching it as i was entertaining friends and they didn't seem as interested in it as me. i remember saying to them at the time i wish i had a telescope so i could get a better look at it. i would estimate that i probably observed the object on and off for at least 30 minutes. but i believe it was there for longer than that. when looking very closely at the footage of the sphere, i don't know if it is me, but the sphere appears to move/deviate a little bit. i would be interested to see what you think. i am a bit of a sceptic and have never seen anything strange like this before. any help you could provide, e.G. video analysis or suggestions as to what it could be would be greatly appreciated. if you think you've seen something like this before and can offer a rational explanation then i would be a little easier. again, thank you for taking the time to look at my evidence. please feel free to contact me at my email address. mf

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Credit: MUFON

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