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Saturday, October 15, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Affton, Missouri on 2016-10-14 19:15:00 - I saw a group of five lights, orange, non-flashing, position and directionally varying liesurly chasing each other at various intervals.

Last night, oct 14th, i was parked outside a swim facility waiting for a practice session to end when something caught my eye. i was facing almost due east, looking at a full moon. with buildings obscuring the distant horizon, in came to view a single, radiant orange glow, such as reminded me of a hot air balloon heater, but without the balloon. intensity pulsated irregularly, the way flames do, not rythmically. nothing was blinking. it was silent. it was moving at a steady pace. i'd use the word gliding. my impression was that it was 500-1000 ft off the ground, but the way the moon lit the background, it was hard to discern. if it was at a height in that proximity, it must have been cruising at a speed of 100 mph. at that point i was siting in my car, radio low, windows down with the temp about 66°f. then a saw an identical light come into view along the same path. it occurred to me the first could be teathered to the second. their relative distance seemed that consistent at that point. when the second one showed up, i grabbed my iphone and stepped out of the car. i couldn't come up with anything that explained what i was seeing, and figured i'd try and capture it. the phone cam could barely capture the lights, and of course, they were tiny on screen. at the point the first one was overhead, i saw a third come into view. at this point it was clear these were not on an identical track, but it was as if they were generally moving along the same path. then, two more for a total of five "things", i was looking between. these flamy-glowy things were of the same shape and intensity whether they were approaching me, over me, or going away from me. at no point could i find evidence of sound. their paths bent toward the north slightly. way off in the distance, the first gave me the impression it had slowed down, as if it were letting the second take over the lead. my vision isn't the sharpest, but the state doesn't require me to wear glasses, if that's any indication of my visual acuity. it was damp enough it was hazy, but i remember no clouds. i never saw any intense acceleration. i never saw anything jerky. intensity of the glow never varied. they each, in turn, exceeded my ability to see them until they had all gone. i looked around to see if there was anyone else that might have been looking at me, or perhaps had seen what i had seen. no one. i have lived near lambert international airport, and later, near scott afb my entire life. i watched with enjoyment, all manner of aircraft, large and small, over my years. it didn't feel like jets. it didn't feel like helecopters. i think of myself as a fairly analytical, discerning, creative and bright fellow, and i cannot explain what i saw. felt the need to share.

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Credit: MUFON

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