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Monday, October 3, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Omaha, Nebraska on 2011-12-09 00:00:00 - Encounter of the first kind

My wife and i were taking a late night stroll through a wooded area near our home. we know the area well and had frequented the grove many times. as we approached the wooded area we could see lights from the houses beyond the grove shining through the trees. as we approached we noticed there appeared to be shadows darting through the trees. we immediately thought there were children playing around down there. we decided to go and check it out and possibly to scare the kids for fun. we got close to the trees and realized there were no children in the grove of trees, no one could be seen at all. we took a side entrance into the grove and walked into the trees, wondering if the shadows we saw simply came from the light from the houses in the distance, like maybe our eyes were playing tricks on us. the grove was well light as there was a lot of moonlight and virtually no leaves left on the trees. it was fairly cold; it happened before the first snow fall and dead leaves littered the ground. as we walked holding hands into the grove we abruptly heard a footfall in the leaves; at that time the unknown entity crossed our path. it moved in glimpses as if under a strobe light, only no light was given off. as it crossed our path it was visible one moment then gone the next. this alternated as it strode in front of us. it smiled at us and appeared to be waving. i wasn't prepared for this and seeing it froze me in fear. the entity was a bi-ped that stood taller than me at 5"10. it was completely naked. though no genitalia could be seen. where human genitals should have been there appeared to be nothing there, as you would imagine a doll would look. its skin was a dark greyish color. it had very small black eyes which reflected the moonlight. it's ears were tight against its head, the ears came to a point. the jaw was bigger than any humans. the jaw line went all the way up the sides of its head as if it's smile stared behind its ears almost. rows of sharp white teeth were visible as it smiled at us. it had slits for a nose that were slightly flared at the top. i can't remember how many fingers it had but it definitely had digits that it held up as it waved. the encounter lasted all but a few minutes. the instant i was able i twisted my wife's arm and i grabbed hold of her wrist. i'm twice my wife's size with a very athletic build. i ran at top speed literally dragging her in the dirt through the leaves out of the grove up the grass hill through the soccer feild and into the street. as we reached the street i noticed my wife was yelling and screaming at me to stop, and go back, go back she said. as she badly wanted to make contact with the entity. but my fear over powered me and i dragged us both into the house. from our door step we could see the grove of trees. i immediately said don't say anything! as i didn't want our testimonials to become tainted with any kind of suggestion from one another. i separated us into different rooms and had us write down our testimonials of what we saw. to no surprise we both described the same entity with the same features. this event has effected my life very negatively, as my family thinks my wife and i made it up or are just plain lying to get attention or something. not knowing what this entity was keeps me up many nights. i must have thought about every possibility. i though could it have been a spirit, a human in hollywood style movie make up, maybe a scooby-doo type hologram projector, or even an alien. to this day not knowing eats at the back of my mind. i fully know aliens exist. with the vastness of space and the countless stars in the universe it becomes clear that we can not possibly be the only life. even know i can feel my heart racing as i recall the event. did i miss out on a one in a billion chance to possibly communicate with another intelligent life form? i only have one regret in my life, and that regret is not going back to find out for sure what it was. if were ever going to communicate with beings like this (if indeed it was one) we need to have love at the center of our awareness, so we don't flee in fear for no reason. for along time i never told anyone but my closest friends and my immediate family for fear that people would think we were crazy. but its come to a point that this itch in the back of my brain has gotten so bad i feel it necessary to tell others of what we saw. i've become so obsessed with searching the web for possible information on the existence of alien life that i often spend hours of my time sifting through garbage on the internet just trying to find someone somewhere who has seen an entity like the one we saw. i'm currently attending a trade school for an hvacr program, and in less than one year i'm going to have my epa 3 certification so i can handle refrigerants. i am not crazy.

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Credit: MUFON

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