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Monday, October 3, 2016

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2004-06-25 22:15:00 - Driving home from work i 10 e with my convertible top down 10:15pm pulsing green light got my attention then green light turned off then a bright solid red light came on then ufo tilted then saw chrome color on ufo then got closer then took off

just got off of work around 10:05pm from bill miller bbq, i was on my way home, got the high way i 10 e had a 1986 mustang gt convertible had my top down nice clear night so i was driving then i saw a pulsing green light, i thought it was a plane but it didn't move and discard shaped and as i continued driving i was getting closer then the green light stopped then a bright red bigger light turned on from the same object but didn't flash or pulse then the ufo tilted then started getting closer then i saw the color of the ufo it was chrome then it went back to front, up down, up down super fast then took off up till it disappeared then when i put my attention back on driving i looked at car beside, he was an older white guy around mid 30's white button up shirt short sleeve with a tie glasses on and driving a white handa accord, he looked straight at me in shock cause he saw what i saw then i realize i'm about to hit the high way wall n the guy driving beside me almost hit me cause of sighting so i jerked my car back on the lane and so did he. when i got home i was freaked out and excited at the same time and told my parents but they laughed and took it as a joke but my mom kind of believed me cause she new i was telling the thruth cause how serious i was. i did not believe in or about ufo's until this happened to me. i'm a religious person i believe in god/ jesus christ our savior

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Credit: MUFON

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