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Monday, October 31, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Buderim, Queensland on 2016-10-31 22:20:00 - Driving home on bruce hwy saw private jet sized black diamond craft with extremely bright white lights on each corner and red flashing belly light. object came toward us from the east and banked hard to the left showing its belly as it headed in sth dir.

It happened tonight at 10:20pm est.Mon the 31 oct 2016. my wife and i were driving home from brisbane on the bruce highway and arrived at forest glen. we were traveling at 110km per hour and observed to the right of us through the thick rainforest trees what looked to be a large jet coming in for landing. i said wow look at that honey it looks like a plane is in trouble. front on it looked just like an air liner coming in to land. there is no airport near bye. we and the big rig beside us were watching it intently as we both slowed our vehicles down to see. as i came over the rise we got a clear view of the object. i jokingly said oh it's just a ufo and as i said so it started to change course. it was heading west toward us then banked sharply to the left where we clearly saw the shape of the undercarriage it was diamond in shape the plain but very bright lights were on the corners of the craft and it had a red pulsating belly light exactly in the middle of the underside. the horizon behind it was slightly lighter and i observed its diamond shape. it's turn radius us was extremely sharp for the size of the craft and it levelled out heading almost back in the direction it came from in an east south east direction. it turned directly over the forest glen deer sanctuary. it was at least the size of a lear jet or bigger and was no more than 100ft from the tops of the trees. my wife asked me if it might be a drone with props. i said it could be but the shear size of it ruled that out. i wanted to pull over but by the time i changed lanes from the fast lane it had moved into the tree line again and it was no longer visible. it was so big and low i felt i had to report it to the authorities which i did call the police when i got home and the started this report. finally i'm unsure of it's speed as i was doing 110 and it was moving in the opposite direction which made it look very slow. we watched it for about 2 minutes and we seemed to have travelled further that it did for the time we observed it.

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Credit: MUFON

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