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Friday, October 7, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Ballymena, Northern Ireland on 2016-10-06 21:00:00 - Bright flashing object travelling at high sped flashing red/white, then second craft appeared behind, flashing red/white/orange sequence

I was leaving my house to go to the gym, when i looked up into the sky and saw something flashing different colours and moving very quickly towards my house from a fair distance off. it was moving that quickly that i knew it couldn't have been a place, helicopter, or even a drone. the object was travelling fast towards my house, then turned very sharply west towards the town of ballymena, starting to move in odd sudden directional changes, like an odd out of wack zig zag. as i got into my car to head to the gym i was moving in the same direction, so i followed it along the duel carriage way. suddenly i saw a flashing out of the passenger window of my car, when i looked i saw a larger, lower in the sky, but still high up, long object that was flashing 4/5 different coloured lights, red, white, orange, and a green/blue. the lights were flashing from the back of the object to the front, and flashing in a strange order, from back to front a sort of - 1,2,4,3,5. i followed it for about a mile, until it gave of a bright flash of white light, and it zipped straight up and disappeared. both craft seemed to be heading in the same direction, being led by the light of a low lying full moon in the sky. i felt like it was sending a message through the light sequence, possibly not just to me, but to anyone that was watching. my immediate thought was that it knew i was looking and watching. this took place over the matter of about 15-20 minutes from around 8:50 to 9:10.

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Credit: MUFON

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