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Sunday, October 2, 2016

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UFO Landing in Boise, Idaho on 2016-10-01 21:00:00 - I heard a roaring, and then saw the object. i was abducted...

I was inside my house, which was just outside of boise, reading a book when i heard a roaring sound overhead. i went outside to check and saw this bright, white ship that was about 120 feet wide with reddish-orange lights - all of which were extremely bright and flashed in a sequence. it was just floating there, i thought the sound was a thunderclap, but i guess i was wrong. it landed about 80 feet away from me, and i saw a door open, and humanoid aliens stepped out of the ship. when the aliens saw me, they came towards me. i tried to escape, but they ended up being too fast for me to outrun them. they must have knocked me out, because i woke up naked, strapped to some sort of examination table, which had a lot of sharp devices around it. one of the aliens came up to the table and picked up what looked like a syringe with a very large needle. the alien stuck the needle in my right thigh, and that was when everything became a blur... the alien was doing some sort of full-body examination, but when he was done, he knocked me out again. i woke up back on my lawn, clothed and clean, and with a device in my hand. the device contained a clip of one of the aliens speaking. i went inside to make sure they did not do anything more than an examination. when i was checking myself, i found this very long scar going down my entire right side, from just below my armpit all the way to my ankle. i am now genuinely afraid for my life, and every time i go somewhere, i have to look to the skies to make sure the aliens are not stalking me.

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Credit: MUFON

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