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Friday, October 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Burnsville, North Carolina on 2016-09-04 00:00:00 - 40-50 foot tall free form blue/white fluorescent light on one side of the road and three blue/white fluorescent spheres on the right side of the road that either followed us down or another three appeared.

My husband and i were driving home from dinner in our golf cart from the top of the mountain which is at 4900 feet at a country club in burnsville, nc to our condo which is at 3900 feet. it was a clear night and at dusk, which was around 8:00 p.M. my husband is hearing impaired and totally focuses on driving and i didn't want to scare him when i saw this, so he didn't see what i saw and i didn't react fast enough as we were driving by to take a photo. anyway, as we were coming down the mountain in the woods on the left, which the woods are above the road there, i noticed a free form blue/white fluorescent light. it glowed the whole time we were driving down that particular hill and as we approached the bottom of that hill i could see it was definitely free form and 40-50 feet tall. when we arrived at the very bottom of that hill i could no longer see it due to the golf cart roof above me so i looked to the right and saw three large blue/white fluorescent 4-5 foot round orbs in the woods on the right. they were almost transparent with the outer edge being darker. then as we went further down the road either those three just suddenly moved there as well or another three were already there. i really don't know for sure. we made the next right turn which wasn't that far and drove down to our condo. i looked up into the woods where the orbs were on the other side but could not see them on this side. not wanting to scare my husband i went inside the condo and didn't say anything. i just felt i received the confirmation i had been asking for, that there are other forms of life other than human, whether extraterrestrial or spiritual and that was very comforting to me to know whoever it was who had been listening to my request had answered me. i am now back in florida and haven't seen anything like that since. i did tell a few residents and staff there at the club in nc and no one had ever seen or heard anyone who had ever seen anything like that there, although there have been at least three other sightings of ufo craft on different parts of the mountain. it took me days to process what i actually saw as i first tried to find a scientific explanation for it and then i tried researching blue spheres as a phenomenon but didn't find much information. i so wish i had been able to photograph this event. i would love to know exactly who or what it was.

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Credit: MUFON

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