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Saturday, October 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Michigan on 2016-10-08 10:45:00 - I believe some people are puppets

I must be the only person on the planet that feels like reporting her dating life to mufon. i met the man in an edgar suit (like mib) just so you know. i have weird sexual issues, any ways. my 1st child was born on 9/11 and my 2nd was born on the anniversary of my baptism which also happens to be mother's day. i went to a career assistance thing for church. i was the only woman there. they put me in the middle of a circle of men (priests, i assume. mormons) and had me shake hands in the circle to practice hand shaking at interviews and i got my period. i bled profusely before i ever left there. i bled through my clothes and everything. a few months ago, i saw a ufo and got my period the day after. last election cycle i was sexually assaulted by a man that said he wanted to be my obama. he hurt me. i'm glad i escaped pregnancy. that's my history plus more. the assault was a big deal. it's when i really started to notice weird things about my reproduction. so today, i met up with a new friend named donald. this is not funny. i don't want to be raped by a man trying to be my trump, running for president. he clearly has some disability but i'm not sure what. when i told him i have cerebral palsy, he said me too. when i asked him what kind he said the same kind as me. he texted me more than 50 times the last few days. he wanted to come to my house and told me he likes to cuddle. i met him at the library and took him to the museum where he molested the displays. gives me anxiety, having donated to the local historical trust. i took him to a game store and played some games in the game room. he struggled with the card game, peanut butter and jelly. he isn't going to be alone with me or know my address. he's clearly missing some filters. im concerned he will get in trouble. i'm concerned he isn't entirely human influence, him and his friend. his friend that is also disabled made a few vague references to the kind of porn i use in private, like he knew. it's not public knowledge, my flavor of sexual interests. they aren't mentally capable of being hackers. they can barely use a phone. i think something else is in their brain and it isn't just sex. and as i was typing this he just texted me he wanted me to be a sex buddy since i won't date him proper. he says i'm cute. he needs help learning how to approach these things appropriately or he will be someone's sex offender. he seems sadly vulnerable to being a predator. i'm being entirely honest when i say that i don't believe these ideas are entirely his own. not possible. he talks to every person we come across like they are his best friend and he doesn't get eager about sex with them the way he's approaching me. i refuse to believe that every election cycle i just so happen to run across a hyper sexual president wanna be.

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Credit: MUFON

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