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Thursday, November 24, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Plymouth, England on 2016-09-02 07:00:00 - Object hovering about 5-6ft above ground

On 2nd of september 2016 i was taking an early morning walk near the hurlers stone circle in minions village cornwall. i have done this many times i walk with the hurlers on my right an siblyback lake on my left heading nw. it is an old mining area of bodmin moor with sink/pot holes. it started to rain so i wanted to get out of the wind i new of a near by ravine when i got to the top it was only about 30ft deep with steep slopping sides with long grass hiding sharp boulders. i noticed a semi-circle oblong greyish object which i thought it to be some kind of feeding area for the local wild horses it looked just like a pigshed. i walked down but as i got closer about 20ft away i noticed that it was not touching the floor there was no markings or windows riveting or weld marks. when i moved closer there came a loud buzzing noise which hurt my ears. i started to panic turned and i climbed out at a different spot cutting my hands and bruising my knees as i climbed straight thru a black berry nettle bush. i turned to take a look at it but it was gone! but the grass beneath it was totally dry. back on the path i scanned the sky but nothing then i caught site of it north of me about half a mile away on the horizon. my ears had popped and i had a bad head ache then things got very weird on the horizon right where the object had been seconds ago there was a chinoock helicopter but it had the tailgate down and was flying backwards i stood there watching for a few minutes i remembered i had by binoculars in my rucksack they are x30 with x100 zoom i could see very clear there were soldiers on the ground and one standing in the open back door of the chopper there was no numbers or badges on the chopper but i could see it was a new model with a long aerial sticking out of the nose. for 15-20mins i watched then there was a very loud rota engine noise i stopped looking thru the binoculars there in front of me there was a lynx type helicopter fly towards me, standing on the path/public right of way i thought i was ok as the chopper came closer i stood my ground thinking it would pass overhead but instead it stopped just front of me the suddenly put its nose down so the rota blades were pointed towards me in a very aggressive way i started to walk backwards it followed me so i walked as fast as i can to the car park area near the hurler stones and drove off. i was shocked and angry i live near plymouth which has a large navel/royal marine presence so i'm used to seeing helicopters but never on bodmin moor everyone knows the m.O.D uses dartmoor. i was troubled by these events i thought i might be in some kind of trouble so i told no one. however the car i was driving belonged to a friend a few days after the event he said strange and weird things were happening like waking up with his car being broken into, even weirder coming home with all the clocks/tv// dvd and hi fi needing re-setting as if there had been a power cut at only his house not any of his neighbours. he is a self employed builder he told me very recently that his laptop files have been viewed at a time when he was at work and that all his archive's files of finished work had just gone? also been receiving junk mail about hiking/camping magazines people calling at strange hours for a survey of lifestyle and interest when he watched them leave they didn't knock on any other doors. they got into a car when the started it up he said blue police style lights flashed once behind the grill? i will never tell him of my experience i am worried for him i am hopping it will all die down. i never believed in anything like this before i haven't been back to the hurlers just in case i'm recognised.

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Credit: MUFON

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