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Monday, November 14, 2016

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UFO Sighting in East Preston, England on 2016-11-13 04:10:00 - I was in a deep sleep early hours of sunday morning,exhausted after helping my daughter to move house.I was suddenly awoken by strange,flashing reddish/pinkish lighflashing on & off into my bedroom hitting me right in the eyes it seemed to be coming fro

I was in a really deep sleep early hours of sunday morning after spending a couple of days helping my daughter move house,so was totally exhausted & sleeping heavily i think.I suddenly woke up with a start by a bright light that was flashing through my bedroom & going on & off,this light was a reddish/pink colour to start with but then it became a kind of white light flashing on & off.I sat up in bed with my heart racing as i was quite scared,the light seemed to be coming from outside my bedroom window i would say it was kind of pulsating on & off very frequently.I was quite annoyed as i was so tired & wanted to sleep,i decided to try to go back to sleep so lay back down pulling the duvet over my head.The light was still in my face however & i sat up & turned on the light...By now i was really scared,not sure what to do.I wanted to look out of the window but was scared,i decided to open the curtains & was totally amazed by what i saw...There was a silvery sphere/disc hovering above my back garden & it honestly seemed to be very close to my bedroom window...I am not sure how far away it was about 8feet away or something & only about tree top height i think.It was spinning or pulsating kind of but somehow not moving off of the spot kind of hovering i would say.There were rosy & whitish coloured lights all around the bottom of it that were pulsating & a strong white beam was pointing in my direction.It was silvery/chrome/white coloured & looked seamless i could not see any windows or anything.I was very shocked & afraid but i have seen something similar back in 2012 only that time their were six of them in two rows of three.I was half blinded by the beam of light that was flashing on & off so i may be lacking in some detail of the object & i was terrified.I did not take a picture or video as my camera battery was flat but i felt glued to the spot anyway.I wanted to scream or cry out so that my son in the room next door might come running into my room but when i opened my mouth no sound came out.I am not sure how long i stood there but i know that when i went over to the window it was 4.10am & dark outside,to be honest i am not sure how or when it went away as i woke up in bed at 7.30am,but do not remember going back to bed.I am sure that this was not a dream as i kept on slapping my face & pinching myself to make sure that i was awake.Through all of this i did not hear any sounds at all like an aircraft would make it was just silence,i kept on wishing that i would hear the noise of a helicopter or something as that would then explain it. i do not want this to be a ufo sighting as it terrifies me,because i have had two other sightings in 2001.2012 & this on sunday morning 13/11/16 & that worries me greatly as it feels like i may have been tagged or something.

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Credit: MUFON

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