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Sunday, November 13, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Provo, Utah on 2016-11-13 01:00:00 - Several hovering crafts over the provo utah area most crafts seemed to rise into the dark only one remained stationary.

After some time shopping around online for christmas gifts i went outside for a cigarette and looked towards the heavens as i always do. immediately i noticed a different pattern in the sky as i turned toward orion's belt. i often look there when troubled. after noticing one very out of place " star " i looked around a bit more and managed to see several odd lights in the sky. i rushed inside to grab my phone for video and almost suddenly something began blacking out my screen. 3 times it took to finally open up to my camcorder. when i pressed record the objects weren't visible on my screen. so in a panic i ran to wake my roommate because, well, if no one else see's it, did it really happen?! when he made it outside he instantly locked on and said "i see them." then in what seemed like half fear blamed it on the government. as we stood only one object remained bright and barely moving while others appeared to have ascended growing dim. several minutes in the cold was long enough for us so we headed back inside and got onto mufon.Com as fast as i could. i will be checking the rest of the evening and every chance i get to report any changes in activity.

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Credit: MUFON

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