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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Carpentersville, Illinois on 1998-03-15 03:00:00 - This isn't just about ufos. somethingis attached to me

I don't know exactly how to describe what's happening to me but i know that i need help. there is something that is attached to me and it is not human. it (or they?) has been attached to me since i can remember. as i get older it is getting more and more aggressive. i wake up with very large bruises and welts consistently often in geometric shapes or patterns,this is not my concern though. my concern lies for those around me. people are beginning to notice unexplained bruising, scratches, night those errors, rashes, and ultimately becoming violently sick in my prescence. i've had instances where physical harm was done to those around me, such as being pushed on stairs or having doors slam on them. it comes and goes in long periods, but once it has made its presence known and it knows i know it's there, things get bad. i have many witnesses to attest to this, and at one point physical proof (all i can provide now is photographs). i had a very large un-human handprint burned into my bedroom door at my old house followed by another one, exactly the same burned into the wall next to my headboard. both the door and the wall had to be sanded down. i went as far as to ask for help from the catholic church, they wouldn't even pray with me and seemed disturbed by my prescence instantly. this thing has never made me feel personally threatened until recently. i found my picture of my family and i from when i was a baby fallen from my mirror and laying face down on my dresser. when i picked it up to put it back assuming it was a draft or the wind, i discovered that my face had been scratched out. i asked everyone in my family (grandparents, my mother and uncle) if it was them and they had no idea what i was talking about until i showed them. i am terrified to sleep at night, because i go into these fits of convulsions and screaming that are difficult to wake me up from and calculated sleep walking, neither of which i have any remembrance of afterwards. and by calculated sleep walking, i mean unlocking doors, undoing restrains to keep me from leaving my bed, and most concerning is leaving my home. i also went to a psychologist to talk about this problem in hopes that they would tell me that i am crazy but to my disappointment i was told in fact that i am completely in my right mind and that what is happening to me is very real. i have had a government based opinion(s) on the matter as well, those details old have to be discussed exclusively in person. please contact me as soon as possible, even if you can't help me.

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Credit: MUFON

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