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Monday, November 14, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Sparks, Nevada on 2016-11-13 18:00:00 - 4 bright orbs moving in a very odd way.

I was standing in the backyard looking at the full moon with my wife. she sees a bright green pulsating orb/light moving from west to east and asks if i think it's a plane. there was no noise associated that we could hear. suddenly another orb appears. this one was also moving west to east. it was bright white but also had an odd billowing bulbous shape to it. it was more dull than a star or plane. no faa lights or pulsations. wife ran in the home to grab her mom to witness. after they both came to the yard, the lights both intersected in front of us and slowly both objects came to a stop. we took multiple photos. they remained stationary for a few minutes. as they were stopped, another fast moving bright orb moved from south to north, and passed overhead until it was out of view. green pulsating light slowly starts moving again. goes east. a few mins later, white orb starts moving north, slowly periodically starting and stopping. after a couple mins it turns and starts heading east seemingly following the same path as the green orb just took. after it has moved away from our view due to trees, another bright large white orb appears moving from south to north. it's bigger than the other 3 and intersects with an overhead plane. it steadily moves over the house and stops in the far distance. you can tell it's not moving anymore due to it approaching tree tops but then is still being able to see it for about 3 mins. there was a very dim circular pulsation being admitted from it. it sat there pulsating softly until it started moving again northward out of sight.Photos are not great as i only has my iphone 5s camera available. but you can see the movement in relation to the silhouettes of the power lines.

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Credit: MUFON

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