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Friday, November 11, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2016-11-11 18:35:00 - Glowing and pulsating object seen down the road - colours pulsated from white to orange to a redish colour cyclically

I was eating supper and had just finished. i looked out our patio window which overlooks a road (see picture) when i saw an odd light. i watched it for a few minutes then went outside on to the deck to get a better look. it was completely stationary and kept pulsating colours (from white to orangish to redish and back again ever few seconds). i kept going through the things in my head it could be, but it was just so odd and out of place (i can see this spot from where i sit at the table for years and have never seen a light, let alone anything like that). i tried to take mental notes about it's size and location and figured it was fairly big, probably bigger then a car and at least 100ft off the ground (possibly 200ft even). at this point i was perplexed and asked my wife to take a look. she had no idea what it was either but thought it was really odd and definitely out of place. my kids even took a look. after a few minutes (probably 5 minutes total), my wife said i should get a better look with the binoculars. i was hesitant as the last few times i've done this, the object has disappeared. so, i went inside for about 15-20 seconds and when i came back out, the object was gone. i have no idea where it went or how it disappeared (which might have helped me determine what it might have been). it was definitely and odd object and out of place as i know the area well and see it ever night when eating supper. i did get a few pictures (object just above and to left of pole and just to the right of the road) and a video, but the video does not show up anything, just the cars. the pictures do show something though, especially when you zoom in.

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Credit: MUFON

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