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Friday, November 4, 2016

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UFO Sighting in East Los Angeles, California on 2016-11-02 22:10:00 - Around 20 u.F.O circling the city hovering going left and right and going around city

Hi i would like to send you video footage i recorded with my cell for you to watch.So let me tell you what happen that night.. so on november 2nd at around 10pm i went to go walk my dog i always look at the sky night i like looking at stars and planes i pretty much know all of our military air craft i love planes im familiar with certain airline planes but not to good with there model or names but military i know pretty good, anywho i was walking my dog at 10pm at night when i got back home i went thru the alley my apartment has an alley behind it i saw about 2-4 lights blinking in the sky they would disappear so i know air craft have light beacons its normal but the reason this got my attention was they were very bright and beacon lights are usually on sides of planes not at front nose, planes like airliners have headlight in front and if there going towards you u can see the headlights but once they turn or your watching them from there side u cant see the headlights anymore only the beacons flashing ok so i looked at these lights in the sky that look like planes but there headlight are blinking so that was weird also the blinking lights were going left to right... which u shouldnt be able to see if headlights are not facing towards your direction after a while of watching this i can tell they were not getting closer to me if they were facing me and planes do not go left then right theres no point of doing that other flashing lights would appear then disappear then other lights were going around the whole city in circles also airliners still fly at night this night there was none....Which was also weird these flashing lights had the whole sky to them selfs i recorded around 3 videos in my alley between them i also went to call my gf to watch then we went to our apartment which is on the 2nd floor we have a view of part of the city and i believe i filmed 2 other videos from my balcony i messed up with the balcony video because i rotated my cell sideways to capture more of the sky so my video came out sideways i dont know how to rotate a video if u can thats great! i think i turned the camera to the right side u can see it happen withing the first seconds of the start of the video its 3.14 mins long, also maybe if the brightness can be higher too would look better im sorry i know nothing about film editing this is all raw and real footage after i stopped filming me and my gf continued watching this for about 2hrs i had to work the nightshift at 3am, so we continued watching the flashing lights they would go from the back of my apt to the front and u can see in the distance more of them all over the city it seemed to me like they were either searching for something or guarding something it was weird some came very close to where we can see what it was we were so stuck watching i did not think of recording them as they flew by i regret that very much.... so the ones that were close enough did not have a bright light anymore they had there beacon lights on only which i believe were blue and red blinking also we could make out that they were the shape of a plane maybe the size of a small cessna if u google (cessna citation longitude) it was the same or very close to that size they were by the look of it jet powered....But they made no sound like one the closes one that came to us must of been about 2 street blocks away (srry i dont know how to give distance accurate like in feet i dont wanna be wrong) height wise they were not propeller planes either those would make alot of noise even jet powered craft would too specially military craft ive been to air shows before... the only sound i could make out was the sound of something going thru the air no engine sound my gf says she could hear a humming sound i did not hear that i could barely make out a light on the tail of the plane like a red painting of something was on it could not tell much they were all going around the city in east los angeles like i said like if they were looking for something or protecting something idk ive see ufo videos of them appearing together in groups but these were all over the place so this went on as far as i know that i was working out side till 6am but at that time it was less lights i am very confused about how nothing about this came out in the news or that no one has mentioned it on facebook or any website that i have looked at we are very confused and to be honest scared lol i even called the sheriffs and asked if anyone has reported jets flying around they said no... so as far as we know where alone...

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Credit: MUFON

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