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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Orland Park, Illinois on 2016-11-04 19:45:00 - Bright series of lights in very distant horizon, just over trees. changed shape, made chevron form, pulsed slightly, eventually dispersed. lit up that area. very far away, but clear to me and my 9 year old son.

When viewing the video, please zoom in to the upper right corner of the building with your smart phone or tablet...It is very hard to distinguish from the regular view. i also apologize in advance for turning my phone sideways while i was filming!! :) here is the story.... i was driving in my minivan with my two daughters, dropping my 9 year old son off at swimming at 6pm. it was dusk, but still light outside. we noticed a plane with a small trail traveling west very high..There was a bright star-like light underneath it. i told him it could be a star, or a planet...Not necessarily a ufo. we figured it was not a plane, because it did not seem to be moving and did not have any blinking lights. my son suggested i take a photo of it "just in case", so i grabbed my phone, however when we both looked again 2 seconds later, the plane with the trail was still there, but the star-like light was gone. i thought it odd that the light disappeared so quickly. (that it didn't fade first or move to a different direction) later that evening when we picked him up from swimming at 7:42pm, it was dark outside. after getting him in the car, i purposely drove to an adjacent parking lot where we could get a good view of the west horizon, to quickly see if there was anything "going on" in the sky. as i turned the vehicle around, i saw something bright in the distance out of the corner of my eye. i continued to turn my car so i could get a good view and could not believe my eyes when i saw multiple very bright lights huddled together in the far, distant horizon. they were low, just above the distant treeline. we were facing sw. while they look small in the video, you could tell the lights were covering quite a large area, spaced apart, and very bright...They seemed to be pulsing slightly (maybe?)...They definitely were not static. they lit up the whole area where they were located. they were making the triangular and chevron shapes and i literally could not believe this was happening. when you hear the audio you will laugh at both of our responses to what we were seeing. i continued to film them. some moved to the left out of our site around a distant building. there were any planes in the sky that night, as it was friday night in chicagoland. my thought was that these lights looked exactly like many of the recent ufo videos i have been seeing lately...Charlotte nc, and others that i have looked up online in the past few years. my son agreed...He could not believe his eyes. my other thought was that they were stacked up planes flying toward us. i do believe a couple of the outskirt lights were actually planes flying in to land at midway or ohare, maybe at first coming toward us, then circling around. but as i kept watching them, they were just too strange looking and too stationary for too long of a time. my son started dying of thirst and my girls were getting antsy, so i had to finally reluctantly leave the scene. but by that time, as you will see, the lights had pretty much left my sight or were fading away. what was making this whole event even more strange to me, was that i have been extremely interested in ufo's for the past month or longer. i've always had an interest as a child and teen, but my interest (even more of a recent obsession) was rekindled a month and a half ago when i watched a documentary on netflix, and with the recent releases of wikileaks emails from john podesta. i have been researching recent reports and sightings on the internet every spare moment i had, and believe this or not, but i felt like "something was going to happen" for the past several weeks. (it has been my experience that when i have this feeling about anything, something does happen) but this feeling was not necessarily a good feeling...I have been kind of unnerved and weirded out by this feeling and this new/old obsession. anyway, it is because of this, that i had to literally blink several times during this sighting, because i just could not believe i was witness to this so early on in my obsession! :) if it was stacked up planes, so be it, but i do believe that the more i look in the future, the more i will find, and that is very exciting to me!!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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