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Monday, November 21, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Forest Lake, Minnesota on 2016-11-19 16:30:00 - Witnessed black rectangle object for 18 minutes doing 75 mph on freeway. ufo did change direction and speed. no lights

I was heading north on 35w near blaine mn at about 4:30 pm and noticed some odd object flying slightly ahead and to the right of my vehicle. at first i thought it was 2 large birds or maybe a bi-plane as i seen 2 objects that seemed to mimic the other object. almost like 2 black rectangles flying horizontally with a slight distance between them. i then thought this might be a drone but it was getting darker about 4:40 ish and i could not see any lights on this thing. then above, way above this black object i saw a plane with its lights on flying near cloud height and this object appeared to speed away in its direction very fast and i almost lost sight of it. at this point i knew this was not a drone and was not an aircraft by the lack of lights. the black rectangle stopped flying in the direction of the plane and seemed to resume its path it was taking. this object seemed to head in the same direction as the freeway, and not always staying in a straight line, either that or the freeway veered more and i was not staying in a straight line. after about 18 minutes the freeway i was on turned to going more north than northeast and the black rectangle object was still heading east. at this point it appeared to rotate sideways and looked more like a big black rectangle. i was about to loose sight of this and decided to try and get a photo. i pulled off 3 photos. 2 of which were a little distorted by tree limbs.

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Credit: MUFON

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