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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Anakie, Victoria on 2016-10-04 00:00:00 - A dead ram was found by owner in the field that had sustained injuries similar to documented cases of animal mutilation found around the globe and the incident is associated with the sighting of a red drone or orb-like light by an independent witness.

The national director of mufon australia is registering this report on behalf of the witnesses. the death of a ram located near geelong in the state of victoris was reported to the national director of mufon australia by private email. along with the message the email contained several digital images of the mutilated animal. the death of the animal was estimated to be between 30/09/2016 and 4/10/2016. the animal was 14 months old and weighed approximately 90 kg. the ram did not show any heath problems and did not exhibit any unusual behavior prior to death. the body was found in the west paddock behind the homestead and was not visible from the house. there was no presence of blood at the site nor was there any blood found on the fleece of the animal. there was no signs of struggle. an independent witness who was resident at the homestead on the date of the incident said that he woke up at approximately 4 am on the friday 30th september or saturday 1st of october 2016 (approximate date of death) and saw a "red drone" from the bedroom window which is at the front of the house. he commented that he could see a red drone moving about. the head of the ram "appeared to have been severed as if by a sword leaving just a strip of flesh attached to the body. the bottom jaw on both sides of ram had just raw bone all flesh and connective tissue was missing and a straight cut was evident above where the flesh and skin had been." the photographs were shown to a veterinary scientist (comments omitted). it was not clear if there were any physical traces left on the grass immediately under the body of the ram.

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Credit: MUFON

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