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Saturday, November 12, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Memphis, Tennessee on 2016-11-12 18:45:00 - 2 circle-like objects over memphis

I walked out of my office and noticed two circle-like objects hovering as i looked north toward poplar and i-40 in memphis. the two objects were not at the same height. one of them was much higher. sometimes it would appear that there were three but i am unsure if there was another. at first i thought they were balloons but they were not ascending into the air like balloons do when they are released. instead these stayed in the same general area. i then though they might be balloons attached to the ground but there are no businesses in this area such as car dealerships that would use those (near the crescent center - poplar/ridgeway intersection). plus these were too high to be one of those. i tried to record video and take pictures but the only camera i had was on my cell phone so the quality was not good. i finally walked back inside and they were still visible from my office floor. i will go back outside shortly to see if they are still visible.

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Credit: MUFON

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