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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2016-11-22 17:50:00 - I observed flashing lights for 30 mins. watched them fly sideways. got closer to object and saw a craft high up in the sky.

I was walking my dogs last night at 5:50pm. i live one block from the beach right near the oil rigs and shipping port of long beach. i was looking up at the sky because i knew there was a meteor shower recently and i was hoping i might still be able to see one. i noticed a blinking light that i first assumed was an airplane or helicopter. but i stopped to watch it closer when i realized it started to blink blue-purple as well, which isn't really a color you usually see on helicopters or air planes. i watched it for 30 mins. it hovered in the same spot and didn't move for that entire time. after 30 mins i saw two shooting stars fly over top of the object and then it began flying sideways really quickly and then switched and flew to the other side really quickly. after those quick movements side to side, it went back to hovering in the same place again. after it hovered for a few more minutes, it started to appear as if it were flying closer to me, and that's when i began trying to take videos of it. after a few minutes of trying to record it, it seemed to hover down much lower and then started flying away from me towards the ocean. at this point, my neighbor michael was pulling into his driveway, and i ran over to his car and asked him to come check out this object i had been watching so that i could get someone else to be a witness with me! we watched it for another 45 mins or so. we watched if fly low, and then get much higher. we watched it fly slowly to different spots in the sky and then hover for a while. we decided to walk over to the beach to try and get a closer look if possible. when we got to the sand of the beach, we were able to stand almost directly underneath it. it was much higher than airplanes. we could see airplanes fly underneath it. and the airplanes looked like tiny specks compared to the ufo. we were able to faintly see the shape of a ship. you could see the nose of ship was white. and then there were many blue and red lights going down the side of the ship, and they were blinking in a pattern. while we watched it from the beach, it mainly hovered in the same location, flying back and forth just a small distance in one general area. at one point we met another lady on the beach who was walking her dog, and we pointed the object out to her. she is a flight attendant on american airlines and she was completely fascinated by this object as well, and confirmed that it was absolutely not a plane, helicopter, drone, etc. it was so high in the sky, way higher than any planes, yet it's size was massive in comparison. when we left to beach to walk back home it finally started to move again. it almost seemed to be following us! when i got home, it hovered straight across from my apartment for another 30 mins. i finally stopped watching it as i needed to get ready for an event i was going to that evening, but after about 30 mins i walked over to my window to see if it was still there and it was finally gone, or at least moved to an area where it was no longer visible to me. in one of the videos i am attaching, you can see a plane on a flight path below the object and it flys straight like a normal airplane would. and you can see the blinking object flying fairly low (just above the airplanes flight path) and then it seems to start flying straight up and goes much higher pretty quickly.

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Credit: MUFON

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