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Saturday, November 5, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Clinton, Missouri on 2016-11-04 20:45:00 - Fluid ufo at tree top level 100' away

As reported to asd by phone today by both witnesses: the two of us were sky watching at ruth’s motel in clinton, mo at approximately 8:45 p.M. it was very dark outside and pitch black. there was not enough light from the building lights on the exterior to illuminate anything. suddenly we noticed something moving about 100 feet away. it was a silvery silhouette of an object in a check mark shape which had very fluid movement and changed shape several times. there was no sound, and it was located very low in the sky, just above the tree line approximately 100’ from where we were standing. it was a white/yellowish color, very smooth movement. the object was located in the east at first, then moved in a straight line path to the southeast. we watched the object for approximately one minute or so, long enough to get a good look at it. the object did not move like a flock of birds. it did seem like there were multiple objects. there were no lights. coyotes’ stopped howling at that time, and it was very quiet. we sensed no vibration. the animals resumed making noises after the object disappeared. the object just disappeared, it did not move off out of sight. the sie was about two car lengths long. it would take a 12” ruler held at arm’s length to cover it up.

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Credit: MUFON

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