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Saturday, November 19, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Quebec on 1993-06-11 02:00:00 - I and my friends (as many/few as 4: two siblings, two other friends), mum and sis (though they are not necessarily directly involved), saw and i encountered blonde(s) [yes, it sounds crazy, but we were kids], and later crafts (with sonic boom/without)...

It is frustrating and strange because no one seems to take interest to this (it would be nice to talk with someone who actually cares in some way): i and my friends (as many/few as 4: two siblings, two other friends), mum and sis (though they are not necessarily directly involved), saw and i encountered blonde(s) [yes, it sounds crazy, but we were kids], and later crafts (with sonic boom/without)... as children (5-7?), my sis and i encountered blonde adults late one afternoon as the setting sun cast long shadows of us upon the (silverish/grey) gigantic wall of what must have been a spacecraft. as a child, mum & other twentyish-year-olds witness strange hovering metalic craft hovering over the corner of our apartment in circa 1985 (where my room was located - on the very sw corner of the building). later as a teen... 1993 time: 22:00 duration: 20 minutes witnesses: 5 shape: fireball number of craft: 2-9 description: i've seen at least two ufo's. i was with two girlfriends the first time, and my friend and his sister the second time – none of us were on hallucinogenics either time; we were about 15-16 years old (1993-1994) – the date might be off by a year (1992?); all of us witnessed this very real phenomena that occurred just as it is read; one, a very intelligent daughter of a doctor (md) recently told me she has seen them again since. the other three are now parents. i think (based on the drake equation etc.) that there must be life out there, but still i would need to see it for myself - to really know if these lights that we saw were piloted by alien beings; all i know is i - we - saw these ufo’s - and they were not gas, weather, planes, satellites, meteors etc. either way, whether aliens or man-made, it's incredible to think of the speeds and mobility and hovering abilities these ufo's had. the first one was seen on a starry night. it was located really far up, at about within our atmosphere; seen from georgeville, quebec. it moved incredible distances in swirly figure-eight-type seemingly random patterns in the sky. for such high distance relative to us, moving almost as if, either testing it's maneuverability, or maybe even just wasting time, as if at play with nothing to do, or deliberately trying to attract some attention to itself (this is my intuition about the flying patterns that it made); but then stopping on a dime, making right angles, even 180 degree changes in direction - it looked just like a star, a bright white orb, but moved like one of those super fast shinny green flies you see in the country, only, this was happening over great distances at about within or near to our atmosphere, hence the estimate of it moving great distances (100-500+ km? in a single second) at great speeds (1000 km/hr?). it lasted over 20 minutes, which, even as teenagers we got bored of looking at it, went back into our tent and we eventually fell asleep. the second time, within the same year, or possibly within two years of the first sighting, my friends and i saw another ufo, appearing as an orange-multicoloured orb, about 2-3 km off the earth, and we saw it from about 5-7 km away, up on a slight hill, looking north over the magog river valley; it was maybe… 30’ or more in diameter – if it was only just one, as we saw it 'disappear' and then light up again from the dark of the night sky, hovering there for about 2-3 minutes at a time, then going out (disappearing/turning the light of the orb ‘off’) and then reappearing in a slightly higher, and off to the side new position (assuming that it was the same orb) and repeating this pattern several times, before one last time when it directed an arch-like orange laser towards the ground (depicted graphically as one would draw radio waves emitting from a radio tower) and this laser then reflected off the earth and back up to the orb – and then a loud sonic boom followed a few seconds after it disappeared. description: orange orb directs arch-like laser to earth which reflects back up to the orb, followed by a sonic boom. lights on object: yes aura: yes emit beams: yes changed color: yes sounds: yes abduction: possible (time lapse/forgetfulness). and, it might be that because my dad was a vietnam war marine, i might have become subject to a secret monitoring program which leads me to conclude that i have a microchip which was inserted in my right shoulder - either by black-ops nurses doing the night shift at the hospital where i was born (think about it: screaming baby at night in the hospital, can't express to anyone what is happening to him while microchips are being inserted into his body - soft cartilage, muscles, tissue etc. - sounds crazy, right? of course it does!), or... it could have just been aliens. just saying - its real. i also think that i might have another one in the top left pallet of my mouth. freaky, right? so, if i could talk with someone who can relate and who actually take a real interest... that would be unspeakably nice. it really sucks to be in this position, socially speaking, because most people simply just don't care or won't even bother to here me out (even some of the witnesses don't want to talk about it). kinda really is rough having no one to just talk to about this... been trying to reach out to the ufo crew that i have known of for a few years now but still they don't seem to care much about it. any feedback or ideas or referrals would be greatly appreciated (i have tried contacting you guys before but to no avail)! thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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