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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Compton, England on 2012-11-05 23:03:00 - Mass sighting over hundred lights out of the earth's atmosphere

I am a keen amateur astronomer with every chance i get i am looking up at the night sky, i've had a great interest in space since being a child, and have always believed our planet can not be the only planet to have intelligent life. i'm 34 years of age now and i can tell the difference between satellites, shooting stars, aeroplane's in the night sky. i feel that i should explaine this first before i described what myself and a ex work colleague saw this night. the time must have been about 9:30pm i was stood on my front porch having a cigarette looking at the sky as it was a very clear night. i was looking three stars in particular not for any particular reason tho. they was positioned in a vertical line with centre star off side slightly to the left as i started to look elsewhere in the sky for a few minutes i looked back at these three stars and the central star i noticed was not in off side to the left but more to the right thinking it must be a different star come in to view but then thinking it's a very clear night and it didn't look right. as i was thinking this the same central star moved to the left then stopped for a few moments and moved again to the right but a lot further this time and stopped again. i knew straight away this was no star despite looking like one when stationary so it's undoubtedly that this object was in space and not in earth's atmosphere. be totally amazed at this i looked to see if this was the only object moving like this and i spotted one more quiet a distance away it looked the same a small white light moving very fast then slowing down moving zig zagging but this time i could just see a a dim light next to it moving as if it was two objects flying in formation. this was shortly followed by more lights coming in to view and within a hour of myself looking at all this there had must of been over hundred of these lights maybe even more, but what must be understood is that these were not separate sightings this was a mass sightings with all in view together. some lights had more emerging from them there would be a few grouped together with six to ten lights in formation moving very fast. knowing that i needed to show someone what i was seeing i phoned my friend that lived locally i told him what i was seeing and he come to meet with me 100 yard's from my house and he also witnessed this event, this hole events lasted until the morning as it became lighter due to day light it was then that these mass moving lights became harder to see, i know this event happened through out the whole night as i stayed outside looking at these until the morning. the following afternoon it was said on the evening news that this was a mass meteor shower witnessed by thousands of people, if this was the case a meteor shower will all travel in the same direction and will burn up in the atmosphere! this did not happen with these lights i believe that this reason was suggested to stop people from thinking different,my only regret is that i had no camera good enough to view this but on more research i found that a lot if people in the uk did film this event and has been posted on youtube.

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Credit: MUFON

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